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Welcome To Howie Tales!


Howie Wash Your Paws!

A fun rhyming way to learn about washing your paws throughout the day!


The Real Life Howie

Howie is a Shiba Pomeranian mix. Howie loves to snuggle, eat treats, and help spark fun ideas!
Oh! And he loves to play dress up too!


Meet the Author

Courtney loves writing, especially the craft of writing children's books! She writes stories that enchant readers to learn in a creative way, and to feel confident about who they are. As an up and coming author, Courtney uses her past experiences working with children to enhance the impact of her stories.

Courtney has been around young minds throughout her entire life, as well as fulfilled roles as an older sister that has given her insight to the imaginative outlet that children possess. From dancing competitively since she was five years old, to teaching dance for fourteen years, Courtney has seen the impact that one voice can have on children, leading her to inspire many children of all ages.

Courtney has traveled around the world and gained new perspectives on life, making her journey to become a children's book author more meaningful for readers. From working with children in Africa and bonding over rhyming songs and dancing, to being a real life Disney Princess, she has learned how to captivate the minds of young individuals in a creative way.

Courtney lives in Hermosa Beach, California with her fiancé and dog, Howie, who this book is inspired by. She understands the love and admiration children have for their pets, and uses this to encourage children to learn practical life lessons through engaging in fun forms of reading!


Social Media

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